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Why Terminal?
“Come to the terminal, we’ll bring you to wherever you want to go.“ -- Our vision.

We noticed that many Shopify store owners were having problems in Facebook share. To optimize how it looks when someone share your website, social meta tags of the website are required to change. However it may be hard for non-techie owners to change coding.

So we come up with a solution for all website owners. it can also be used by all users who want to set a custom title, description or image when sharing a website, not exclusive for Shopify.

How long will you keep the image?
Your image will be sent to facebook. Facebook will keep your image in their storage. We don't keep your image.

How it works?

We follow the Open Graph Protocol used on Facebook. So you can set a custom image for any page in case you wanna make a promotion. It’s not necessary to find your developer’s help. Our app will share your post with the information necessary for Facebook scraping.

Who are you?
Since 2009, SillyCube Technology Ltd. has been providing mobile apps development service, web development service and mobile solutions for operation, education and marketing. While we have been practising SEO to boost our consulting business, we are trying to leverage the technology to boost the ecommerce industry.

Why do you make it for free? How do you make money?
Terminal is one of the side projects for Our Shopify App - SEO Product Optimizer (SPO). The project will be promoting our Shopify App. In the short future we will launch a paid plan for SPO or Terminal App. If you wanna support us by donation, please visit the donation link.

How can I report spamming or phishing?
Please submit your request to [email protected]

How can I keep noticed for latest updates?
Please connect with us via below:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/toTheTerminal
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ToTheTerminal
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