How can I customize Twitter and Facebook link preview for my products?

To edit the link preview of your products, you can 

  1. Enter SPO to edit the product 
  2. Redirect from Shopify product editor to SPO

Instructions below will show the example for (1). You can also  check our demo video for (2). The steps will be more or less the same.

p.s. If your store is in  password mode, visitors cannot see your store so as Facebook. Therefore,  Facebook debugger cannot check your page coding including the link preview image. 

1. Enter SPO

2. Select the product you want to edit. You'll see the product edit page in SPO. Scroll to the bottom.

Edit social sharing images for products in Shopify Store

3. Enter the Facebook link preview information. Select a link preview image from the existing product images. 
You can also upload a custom share image. This is useful if you would like to do a product promotion. 

4. Press "Submit" button at the bottom.

5. Preview the result in Facebook debugger.
It may not show updated link preview image immediately. This is because Facebook debugger is slow :-( . Just "Scrape Again" for a few more times. 

Check link previews in Facebook debugger for your Shopify store

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