What is a "Campaign" and how it works?

We know that online store owners are overwhelmed by high marketing costs like Google ad, Facebook ad, etc. Many new stores are paying $1 - $2 dollar per visitors, which is simply not affordable in long run. SEO is a cost effective marketing tactics but it takes a pretty long time to start working. Alternatively you can choose to host marketing campaign to drive traffic at a low cost.

The purpose

The targets are simple:

  • Boost your coupon redemption
  • Collect email before users leave
  • Get your campaign shared

Why should you try it?

Think about the free coupons offered by most online stores, you are just one of them. If everyone is offering free coupons, unfortunately these coupons will be very likely to be ignored by shoppers.So we are inventing a new interactive marketing campaign to engage visitors with game. Instead of pushing them to redeem your offer, make them earn your offer. Play hard, buy hard.

Check our demo here:  Memory Dots Demo

How it works?

We provide (1) Flash Sales and (2) Game - Memory Dots campaigns at the moment. To create a Game campaign, please follow the steps below:

  1. Now you will see in a Campaign tab in SPO. Just click on it and click Create Campaign to set up a new campaign
  2. Fill in the campaign info and upload the campaign image.
  3. Choose to set up a sales campaign or game marketing campaign. Just choose Memory Dots now. Alternatively you can choose Weekend Sales to create a flash sales page in few minutes.
  4. Fill in the coupon details
  5. Congrats! You've finished. Launch the campaign. You can share the link to social media or simply email it to your customers.

What's coming next?

We are collecting users feedback to make improvement. If the campaign categories are effective, we will consider to develop more forms of interactive campaign. 

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Please let us know your opinions regarding Campaign. We would be happy to hear from you!

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