How to use "Weekend Sales" Template?


Thanks for trying this campaign template. Now i will briefly introduce this template's functionality.

1. Default Layout

We provide a default layout here and the default template includes 5 components, they are 'Logo', 'Banner', 'A Paragraph', 'A Button' and 'Instagram Share'.

Once you click on an component,  it will be wrapped in blue border and you can remove it or move it up/down. If you click the component again, the blue border will disappear.

2.1 'Logo'

Click on the image, you can replace the logo with your own shop logo.

2.2 'Banner'

The banner image can't be replaced. But you can change the text on the image. Just click on the text and then you can edit it.

2.3 'Paragraph'

Just click on the text to edit it.

2.4 'Button'

Click the text on the button to edit it. Also, remember to set an url for the button. After an user click the button, we will redirect him to that url.

(remember to includes "http://" or "https://" for the url) 

2.5 'Instagram Share'

If you have a Instagram account, please paste your ins link here. If you don't have such an account, we strongly recommend you register one for your store.

You can replace the images in this component, but remember to keep them in same size... Otherwise, it will look terrible.

3. Other Optional Components

If you don't like our pre-set layout, you can delete it all and use optional Components to make your own template!

Optional components are available on the top left corner, click the icon and then you can find them.

Click on a component and then it will be added to the template automatically.

Hopefully, you will enjoy using this campaign template. If you have further question, feel free to contact us.

Happy selling!

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