How can I install SEO Product Optimizer? (3 mins)

To Install SEO Product Optimizer (SPO) you need to edit your theme's liquid file. You can 

  1. Follow our instructions below to DIY, 
  2. Watch our Demo Video on Youtube or 
  3. Request our professional assistance (free) via [email protected] or click "Contact" at the top right-hand corner. 

If you need our assistance, please also grant us the (App + Theme) permission to access your store. 

p.s. If your store is protected by  password mode, visitors cannot see your store so as Facebook. Therefore, Facebook debugger cannot check your page coding including the link preview image. 

1. Go to  App Store and press "Get" to install our app to your shop. 

2. Press "Install app"

3. You will see the Home page. Press "Enter" to enter the dashboard

Shopify app - SPO home page

4. At the dashboard, press " Setting" -> "Configure Now" to configure theme file. Please temporarily disable your adblocker before pressing the "Configure Now" button as it will block the instruction pages. 

Cautious: If you ever change your theme later, you'll have to do step 4-6 again. Now you will be redirected to edit "theme.liquid".

Installing code snippet for Shopify App - SEO Product Optimizer

5.1. Copy and paste the following code after the <head> tag.

{% render 'SPO-social-meta-tags' %}

Sample Screenshot

5.2 Remove title, meta description, meta keyword and "{% include 'social-meta-tags' %}": (You can also hide the code by wrapping it in {% comment %} YOUR-CODE {% endcomment %} )

Before: (The sample below doesn't show meta keyword)


6. Press "Save" and You're ready to go!

Our code snippet will rewrite the social meta tags of your theme afterward. 

p.s. You can always roll back your theme.liquid file to a previous version in your code editor. Don't worry about breaking your theme.

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