Why did we develop SEO Product Optimizer?

We tried to work on an e-commerce project called EasySurpluz (domain still active though it's a Chinese site) at once. The project collects residual stocks from merchants and sells them in a batch to other businesses at a bargain. Other buyers can resell or consume the stocks with a very cheap price. You can consider it as "Groupon selling to SME". 

In the project we discovered that it's hard to know what were happening out there running an eCommerce business. We tried a small amount of Google Ad, Social media promotion, offline selling. There were traffics coming in but the visitors went away after a while. The problem was we couldn't figure the reasons at all. Well the reason may be we were targeting at the wrong customers, not enough promotion efforts, the selling model is not working, etc. But we just don't know how to fix it. It's a very valuable experience because we know what the pain points lie in the business. We paid a "tuition fee" but that's also the difference between us and other Shopify app developers.

We came up with an idea to build an "Engine" to be the backbone of eCommerce. We try to make eCommerce better by building SEO Product Optimizer as the first step.

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