Can I use Social Sharing Image instead?

Starting in 2020 Spring, Shopify has rolled out a new feature called "Social Sharing Image". With Social Sharing Image, you can set a set default link preview when you share any link to social media. This feature is similar to our "Store" Tab, which is already included in our Free plan.

Where can I find it?

In Online Store > Preferences, you can upload an image to be used the Social Sharing Image. 

Updating social sharing image for your Shopify store

How about the theme settings?

If your theme developer also provides an option to change the social sharing image. the theme option will always override the online store preferences. You can check it in Online Store > Theme > Customize button > Theme settings > Social Media 

Will it have a conflict with SPO?

Unfortunately, yes. The social meta tags will be repeated with ours. Please remove the Social Sharing Image if you are setting the link preview image in our "Store" tab. Otherwise, we are not sure which image will be read by Facebook as the link preview. 


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