What is Pingdom and how to use it to test your store's speed?

Pingdom Website Speed Test is a free tool to help you analyze your website load speed. It can help you to identify why your Shopify store is performing slow.

How to use Pingdom?

It's simple. Just enter the URL you want to test. Select a test region. Press the 'Start Test' button and you will get a detailed report.

if you are running your online business in other countries, you can select the test region to Australia, Germany, UK, Japan, etc. It can help you to simulate the experience of your foreign visitors.

pingdom website speed test - sample test result for shopify

In the above test, I am using Shopify.com as an example. From the result, you can discover issues like page size too large, too many large images, too many scripts running, etc. 

Remember that a faster online store will have a higher conversion rate and lower bounce rate.

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